Status: Adopted
Year: 2008
Breed: Tennessee Walker Cross
Gender: Gelding
Color:  Bay
Height: 14.1
Adopt:  $350

Update: March 29th, 2020: Percy was returned to the sanctuary at no fault of his own. We will be reevaluating him after he settles back in. He is available for adoption.

Update August 8th: Percy is broke to ride and very sensitive to leg cues and reins, but does not bolt, buck, rear, bite, kick, etc. He stands to be mounted and stops/backs well. He is a bit shy and watches his surroundings closely, but does not jump/spook often. We believe with a good fit, he will make an amazing horse once he is consistently bonded to someone.

Update: Percy has been saddled, but we have not ridden him yet. We do believe he is broke to ride, but will continue to evaluate this at a slow but steady pace. He is slowly warming up to us!

Meet Percy! He is one of the newer arrivals at the sanctuary, so he has not yet been evaluated under saddle. He has steadily gained weight after he was seized from the backyard of home in the city and we will soon be evaulating him, although he does show to be a bit nervous around humans, but not dangerous. New pictures and evaluation coming soon!