Status: At Sanctuary
Year: 2013
Breed: Farm Pig
Gender: Female
Color:  Red/White
Adopt:  $75.00

As webmaster, I think I am allowed to say that Patty is just one of my favorites. She is so inquisitive and happy. Want to see her? Just go to the fence and call her name. She will romp over to you like an energetic puppy. it would be great to find this lovely little girl a forever home.

The sweet, very vocal baby farm piggy who arrived at Happy Trails (also from the Capital Area Humane Society of Columbus), was found as a stray piggy. Just as people often “dump” dogs and cats and puppies and kittens, sadly this often happens with farm animals as well. And sometimes when farm animals escape from an enclosure, no-one misses them or bothers to look for them, and the animal is left to fend for itself wherever it ends up. Stray animals are not only in danger themselves, but also pose a threat to motorists who may try to avoid them on the road.
Peppermint Patty is ready to find a permanent adoptive home of her own.