Jacqueline and Hattrick are a pair of geese that came from two different rescue situations. Jacqueline (pictured here) came from a neglect situation with a hen and some mini horses that were taken by another rescue. She cannot see very well, but gets around just fine! Jacqueline is very sweet and has a nice loud honk! Hattrick is a white goose as well. He is still part of a court case. He is part of a neglect/abandonment situation. He can be pretty protective of his lady and treats her very well. Since he is a court case, he can only be fostered until he is officially signed over, but in the mean time he is looking for a home with his girlfriend who doesn’t mind fostering him until he can officially be adopted.

Jacqueline and Hattrick’s adoption fee is $25 for the pair (only half needed until Hattrick is signed over). If you are interested in these guys, give us a call or send a message to ashleyk@happytrailsfarm.org