Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Potbelly
Gender: Females
Color: Pink (Jolie -left)
Adoption Fee: $50
Sponsor Fee: $35 each/month

 About Jolie

August 19, 2015:  Our dear sweet Dulce has cross the rainbow bridge.  She brought joy to all who met her.  We are sad for us but happy that she is pain-free and able to romp, play an root in green pastures.

July 1, 2014:  Gotta love this pair.  These two, residing in the cabin within our courtyard, bring wonderful greetings to all who visit Happy Trails.  Be sure to give them a belly rub when you make it to the sanctuary!

September 13, 2013:  We got the report from the vets at OSU…Jolie’s surgery went well! It is believed that the entire mass was removed and it has been sent to the lab to determine the type of cancer she is dealing with. A large amount of small pin-head size lumps were also removed that were believed to also be the beginning of cancer cells.

After surgery Jolie stood up and began eating, which is a really good sign. Of course Dulce is there with her and being supportive throughout her ordeal.

Jolie and Dulce will have a mini-extended stay at OSU for as long as we can afford to allow her incision to heal and stay free from infection. The bandage and the surgery area must be kept clean and out of the mud for at least two weeks. This stay will also protect her from any flies. We’ll keep everyone posted as to how her recovery is progressing.

We’ve had a few people make donations toward her surgery – thanks for your support! We still are nowhere near covering her surgery expenses, but every little bit helps.

Thanks to everyone for sending her prayers and good energy.

September 11, 2013:  Many of you have come to know and love Jolie, the affectionate pink pot belly pig.  Yesterday, Ashley and I took an assortment of animals to OSU in Columbus to assess some health issues for them. We often take animals to the vet hospital there because it is cheaper in many cases and they get more expert veterinarians examining them – many times they get a group of vets involved in their case. Jolie was one of the animals who went to Columbus.

We had discovered a lump on her stomach. After aspirating and identifying the mass, the hospital determined that is was indeed cancer. They are hoping we found it at the early stages and that it can be removed with surgery. A good prognosis and successful outcome is hoped for.

Dulce, Jolie’s best pig friend who she has been with forever, went to the hospital also for an exam. Dulce stayed at the hospital yesterday with Jolie for moral support and companionship.

In addition to yesterdays vet bill (the total was nearly $900 for Jolie, Dulce, Angelina the pig and Kachina the mini-horse), Jolie’s surgery will cost approximately another $400.

We decided to approve surgery for her, hoping that the folks who enjoy being greeted by Jolie’s friendly yet crooked smile when you arrive at the sanctuary would be willing to chip in something toward her surgery cost. If we could get maybe 20 people to pitch in $20, that would actually cover her surgery bill.

In addition to the vet bills, it costs us $100 in gas with each trip to Ohio State.

Anyone who had a chance to get to give Jolie a belly rub or feed her a snack or just hang out with her and enjoy her company, and is willing to help out with a few bucks toward her  surgery, that would be very much appreciated.  Please send her prayers and good energy for a safe and successful surgery today.  And I’m sure that Jolie would thank you for your support.

Jolie and Dulce came in together from a neglect situation. Both were severely overweight and had overgrown hooves. Jolie is a social butterfly and loves to greet people in the hopes of getting a belly rub or a treat. Dulce is a little more reserved. We aren’t sure of her exact age, but she seems to be a senior. She suffers from arthritis and will need to be on medication for the rest of her life. These ladies have been best friends and have spent their lives together so they will need to be adopted together.