Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Pot Belly
Gender: Female
Color: black
Adoption Fee: $50
Sponsor Fee: $35

About Jackie O

January 19, 2015: Jackie was adopted along with her best friend Kokomo to a home in New York! They made the 8 hour journey very well! They have a new friend named Tommy and they are all getting along very well! Their adoptive dad is very excited to bring them into his family. We wish them all the best of luck!
Jackie is a very sweet pot belly pig that came to us from a hoarding case. She was removed along with two horses, Graciano and Maka, as well as an abundance of dogs. She was living in a small dog cage that she could not even turn around in. She was overweight due to being fed dog food. Jackie had to endure the constant barking of dogs day and night until she was finally removed from her terrible situation. It took her a little while to be trusting of people again. She came in very nervous and not wanting to let anyone touch her. After settling in, she was added to Piggerton to live with our senior pot bellies along with Kokomo, our boy from Indiana. Jackie O and Kokomo became great friends and Jackie is now extremely social with people. She is always coming up to say hi to any visitors! She would make an excellent companion!