Francis pond
Status: Adopted!
Age:  Unspecified
Breed: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Color: Grey
Adoption Fee: $15
Sponsor Fee: $30/month

About Francis

Francis is our big comical goose with a great personality! Francis loves splashing around in the water – so true to his character. Francis was found at a strip mall in Aurora. A good samaritan called in to report he was wandering around and Happy Trails did the rescue.

March 15, 2013:  This past week we said our fond farewells to several ducks and the usually-misunderstood Francis the goose. They now live at a truly beautiful and safe home, with a completely fenced pond and their very own lake-front cottage.  Their feathered-friends cottage features a ceiling fan, screen doors for summer, and lace curtains. So there. 🙂

March 19, 2013:  Some of the volunteers at Happy Trails wanted to check on Francis and see how he was adjusting to his new home. His new adoptive mom loves him so much and was happy to fill us in on how he is doing. Francis absolutely loves his new pond and spends most of the day on it. He is the self appointed 'leader' of the Pekin ducks and helps round them up to go inside at night. He also thinks it is his duty to protect them. Everyone was thrilled to see how happy Francis is and how much he is enjoying his new home.

Francis Francis playing in pool Francis napping