fluery-tabitha (1)
Status: Adopted!
Age: 20+
Breed: Welsh Pony
Gender: Mare
Color: White
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40/month

About Fleury

A cute duo was lead into the ring, a white mother pony and her five-month-old cute-as-as-a-button baby. They stood close together, afraid of the noise and the crowd. Bidding started, with a private individual winning the highest bid. “Times two?” asked the auctioneer. The bidder only wanted the cute baby. Oh no! How can people separate a mother and her baby at the auction of all places? Immediately the 20-year-old mother, who was clearing suffering from malnutrition, was put on the auction block again. The only bidder? A meat buyer
of course. Happy Trails bid against him and purchased the sweet pony mother. The value of her life at the auction? A whole $85.
We named the precious little pony mother Fleury, a pretty name for a pretty lady. Fleury was listed at the auction as being traffic safe, was trained to pull single and double, had been ridden on trails, and is a “full-blooded Welsh mare”. Her colt was born on May 27th, 2012. After receiving proper care and nutrition and gaining her strength back, we believe that Fleury is going to make some lucky family the best kids pony in the world. We hope that finding a permanent family who will love her for the rest of her life will make up for the sadness and pain of having her baby taken from her at the auction. Her udders continue to fill with milk, and she is currently under vet care at Happy Trails.
Update July 19, 2013:  It goes almost without saying that there was a big interest in this sweet mare.  Fleury was adopted out and we recently heard from her wonderful adoptive family.  Fleury welcomed the birth of her new baby, Tabitha!  She is now complete with a baby by her side to nuture and love.  I can't have imagined a happier ending for this gal.