durango“I would like to share something that my vet told me a year and a half ago when I had to say goodbye to my beloved horse of 10 years, my best friend and trusted partner. He came into the barn, hugged me and asked if I knew what euthanasia meant. Of course I knew. Who doesn’t? But he told me that it literally means “the good death”. He said that it is the last great gift we can give to our animals. It is a wonderful thing to be able to give the gift of peace to a suffering animal. We are fortunate enough to know what the end result most likely would be for each course of action and to be able to save an animal further pain and distress.
Everyone did everything they could for Durango. I am amazed and proud at how we can pull together to help an animal in need and to be able to make that tough call when it is the right time. And then to be strong enough to hold him in his last moments. Durango will be greatly missed. He is my first actual seizure of an animal still on their owners property. Saturday night, he took a break from his constant searching for food and put his face in my chest and just stood there. I cried with him rubbing his face. He was grateful. I am comforted that he felt at ease enough to lay down last night, something that he probably hasn’t done in months. I am heartbroken to know he was so young and bright, and could have had a wonderful life. He will always stay with me.
Rest in peace Durango.” ~Ashley K