Status: Adopted!
Year Born:  1996
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Height: 15hh
Adoption Fee: $150
Sponsor Fee: $50/month
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About Benny

bennyJune 30, 2014:   Benny and Grant, two wonderful Quarter horses who we would love to adopt out together,  came from a situation where they were not only abused by an owner, they were then placed in the care of a second family who in turn neglected them a second time! They would make wonderful family pets. Grant would be a handsome companion horse as he currently cannot be ridden due to navicular disease.  Our farrier has high hopes that this can be worked with and eventually he will be ridable.  Benny should be available for some light backyard riding. These are the two perfect gentleman if you want horses you can hug and love. They are friendly, easy to work with, and the sweetest guys ever.

March 19, 2014: Benny is doing very well. He has gained back quite a bit of weight. We still aren’t sure if Benny will be able to be ridden once he fully recovers, however at this point it seems like it would be best if he were just a pasture pal. Benny is very bonded to Grant, so we would love if it were possible for them to be adopted together, however we realize that it might be difficult. Benny is a sweet guy that deserves a chance. At first impression, he seems like a crabby old man that pins his ears at everything. Well…that is partly true, however he hasn’t shown aggression towards the caregivers or volunteers. He just needs a chance to earn your trust after all he has been through. He tends to enjoy standing in the back and watching everybody instead of being the center of attention. He would make a great companion for another horse. He like to be the protector of everybody, and he looks after his friend Grant out in the pasture.

December 1, 2013:  Benny and Grant both came to Happy Trails just a few weeks ago. These guys are both geldings from Guernsey County.  They have now been rescued from a situation of neglect for the second time in their life.  Benny seems to have something to say and often pins his ears when approached.  In time he will soften, but who can blame him for being upset enough to express his discomfort and anger stemming from his treatment.  Imagine standing in a stall by your buddy.  Every day a person comes in bringing grain to each and every other in the barn….except for you.  That is what happened to these guys.
In order to bring a horse back to decent body condition, it takes rigorous around the clock care.  They are on their way back!   Stay posted for updates on these guys who will be available for adoption.  If you are interested in being the owner who can assure that Benny will never again have to worry about a meal, please don’t hesitate to start the adoption process.