avis (2)
Status: Adopted!
Age:  5+
Breed: Sheep
Gender: Wether (Castrated Male)
Color: White with Black Face
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40

About Avis

June 13, 2014:  Avis, Pecora, Cordero, and Samantha went to their new home in Pennsylvania yesterday. They are so happy in their little paradise. They have tons of space to run with little hills, lots of trees, and a crystal clear creek running through. It is like a beautiful secret garden. They also have 4 new little goat friends to share their new adventures.

July 11, 2013:  Avis is now in a foster home. He is old and sometimes limps and would need a permanent home where no one else will pick on him. If there are other animals, they would HAVE to be calm and peaceful and friendly toward him. He is now in an area at his foster home where he can see the other animals but he has his own space to be safe.

Cordero, Pecora and Avis arrived at Happy Trails as a family of sheep. A fourth sheep named Skaap was elderly and suffered with arthritis. Sadly we lost their older friend this past winter. These three sheep are very bonded, and we would love for them to be adopted together as a family. Avis and Skaap were best friends, and he misses his older sheep friend terribly.  Avis is probably over five years old and is the quietest out of the three sheep. All three are up to date on de-worming, hoof trims, vaccinations, and are sheared in the Spring.