March 12, 2013
Happy Trails took in 34 roosters and 3 hens that were rescued during a cockfighting bust in Cleveland. Many of them were very thin. Most of the roosters had their combs or wattles cut off or were missing their talons. This is fairly typical with cockfighting. Cutting off the comb and wattle prevents the opponent from tearing them off during the fight. Also, some of the roosters had their feathers shaved off of their legs and chest to make the fights bloodier.
cockfighting rescue 3 Despite everything that had been done to these birds, many of them are very friendly. There are a few that show signs of aggression towards humans, but most of them enjoy being held or petted. Since the roosters were rescued in Cleveland, they have all been named after Cleveland Indians players. They have all settled in at Happy Trails and are enjoying a safe place to sleep and plenty of food.  Now we start the long pr ocess of finding homes for all of these birds. They can make excellent pets, however they can't live with other roosters. 


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