Wish List

Thanks to contributions by so many Happy Trails supporters, we are able to give the rescued animals the very best in food, shelter, and medical care.  Without the many generous donations from caring individuals who are choosing to make a difference, the services provided by Happy Trails would not be possible.  Listed below are a few of the many items we need (updated December 2017):

Far away and want to help?  Many of our WishList items can be purchased and shipped from our Amazon WishList!  Be sure to use AmazonSmiles when shopping on Amazon to kick back .5% of qualifying purchases for the rescued animals of Happy Trails.

• Purina Sow & Pig
• Essential K (horse)
• Purina Goat Feed-All lifestages
• Strategy GX (horse)
• Alfalfa Pellets (horse)
• Scratch (chickens)
• Mazuri Active Adult (pigs)
• Black Oil Sunflower seeds (chickens, helps build weight)
• Gift cards : Pettigrew Feed, Centerra, Chagrin Pet and Garden

• Gift cards : Amazon, TSC, Big Ds, Carl’s Tack, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Centerra
• Hay and straw (not more than a year old, cannot be moldy)
• Paste de-wormer such as Equimax, Strongid, Zimectrin, Panacur, etc.
• Neosporin
• Vetricyn-wound spray
• Gas & fuel cards for diesel and gasoline
• Large plastic containers with lids to store blanket donations safely
• Office supplies (stamps, 8½ x 11 color or white copy paper, envelopes, address labels)
• Bottled water, Gatorade, soft drinks for volunteers
• Paper towels, toilet paper, air freshener, cleaning supplies

(Produce donated to Happy Trails will be fed by the caregiver staff as diets are closely monitored)

• Fresh fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, kale, apples, carrots, watermelon, strawberries, corn on the cob, bananas, pears and grapes
• Sealed bags of Ginger Snap cookies
• Meal worms (chickens)
• Cheerios (potbelly pigs)
• Mazuri Mini Pig Treats

For your convenience, two donation boxes are located in the gift shop parking lot.  Be sure to fill out a donation form if you require a tax receipt.

Thank you VERY much for your support!