Happy Trails assists Guernsey County

by | Jul 21, 2017 |

So it goes like this.  A 45-year-old man is arrested after multiple admissions to sexual assault of a minor as reported by The Daily Jeffersonian of Cambridge, OH.  During the arrest Lt. J. Mackie questioned, “Do I hear chickens?”  And the rest is history.  The suspect was willing to report 60 chickens, 18 ducks and 5 rabbits were on his property and he was not far off.  Once the electronics and other items were confiscated by the deputies of Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden, Happy Trails rescue team went in to seize all of the animals.  In total 4 ducks and 5 rabbits were in a hutch outside and the rest, 60 chickens and 12 ducks were roaming free in the living room and kitchen of the house.  There was no food.  No water.  No fresh air.  NO AIR AT ALL.  We were overheated in suits to steel against the filth, disease and bugs as we collected each as delicately as we could to get the hell outta dodge.  The deputy finalized our day by nailing a ‘condemned’ sign on the front of the house.

Can You Help?
The sanctuary is now home to these animals who luckily are used to living together in one area.  The difference?  They now have water, food, grass, dirt, worms and swimming holes.  They also have care and concern.  It takes a lot to provide the daily care and overseeing of each of these 81 animals along with the already over 100 residents of the sanctuary.  There are ways you can ease this burden and ensure a successful and happy ending for each and every one.

  • give a one-time donation to provide veterinary care
  • become a monthly donor – give as little as $5 or more and mark it to recur each month to provide food for the animals

Thank you as always for the prayers, thank you to our staff and volunteers for your efforts, and thank you to the Guernsey County Sheriff deputies for caring and taking action.
Donations can be mailed to 5623 New Milford Rd Ravenna, OH 44266 or by donating online.