20141227_135544Sometimes we need to feel as if we are connected to the organization we support. Consider an animal sponsorship at Happy Trails. We recently received this great communication from a long time supporter and animal sponsor, Anna R, after attending a sponsor day to spend time with her sponsored rooster, Sandy.
“Dave and I went out to meet Sandy, the rescued rooster we are
sponsoring. It was a great experience to be able to hold him and hear his story. He was very friendly and cuddly. Sponsoring, with a
monthly donation, is a great way to help the animals when you can’t
foster or adopt. You can select which species you’d like to sponsor,
then you are matched with an animal at the sanctuary.

We also were given a tour – it had been a couple of years since we’d
been there, and we were amazed at all the new projects, both on-going and completed. We remembered animals we’d met in the past, and met new residents. What an amazing, happy place and its rewarding knowing that you are helping by your sponsorship!”

If interested visit our Animal Sponsorship page for more information.