Adventure, Rain, and Just a Bit of Reward
I will never forget meeting Annette for the first time. I was amazed at her fortitude; her ability
to forge ahead through the never-ending dire circumstances thrown at her all the while providing
attention and compassion to whomever needed it. This is the foundation on which she has built Happy
Trails. This is the reason the organization has remained strong.
I am a volunteer. My contributions have been meager, giving a $20 donation to help with a
project, an emergency haul during a rainstorm, handling horses during the annual open house. These
things, and maybe a few more, pale in comparison to some of the dedicated people that make up the
organization. But I can’t help but feel important when I state to someone that I know Annette and I am
part of this wonderful group. I am proud of my association and I know that Annette values each and
every role played by each individual. As the founder, she understands the importance of each gesture,
every ounce of good will, and all of the collective prayers given in the name of Happy Trails.
If you have just stumbled upon this group, take the time to browse through the history of
accomplishment. Drop a donation in PayPal, call and put your name on the volunteer list, make a
contribution to the “Wish List” of much needed items. You just may find that to allocate a few hours of
your time and prayer will pay you tenfold in adventure, rain (lol), and just a bit of reward. These things
Annette, and the entire society of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, depend on from you.
Laurie Jackson
Moxie Stables