Status: In Foster Care
Year Born: 2011
Breed: Paint
Gender: Mare
Color: White/Black
Height:  15 hands
Adoption Fee: $250
Sponsor Fee: $50/month
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About Willow

March 26, 2017:  Willow has settled in to Happy Trails very nicely.  She is starting to gain weight and her anxiousness has been greatly reduced.  With time and absorption of her supplement, she has become a part of the herd and is very mild mannered in her pasture and easy to to and from.  At only six years old, Willow will be a great addition to your barn and give you love for years to come!

Willow came to us as a request for transfer from the Portage APL.  We are very happy to help Portage APL by accepting “Willow” into our program. Willow has some severe anxiety on top of other issues that prevent her from gaining and maintaining weight as well as we would like.  Veterinary reports have discovered a vitamin E deficiency and we have started her on a supplement that should help in her recover.