Status: At Sanctuary
 Age: Unknown
Breed: Farm Pig
Gender: Female
Color: Pink
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40/month
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About Temple Grandin

Note to our Supporters:  Temple Grandin to Happy Trails is a hero. She is a person who overcame a great deal of challenges and went on to become a well respected and productive member of society despite her having autism. She shows that anyone can over come challenges. It is meant as a sign of respect to name the pig after someone we admire, and we have done that also with the others. Amelia Earhart the pig – we have in the past even named the animals after each other so the animals may have a namesake. Our pig, Temple Grandin, overcame great odds and survived. Often we give the animals names that will help them to achieve what goal we need to reach – a goal to walk, to run, to heal, to overcome, to survive. Kachina the horse is named after a Native American name meaning “sacred dancer” because we wanted to her “dance” or to be able to trot some day. When she arrived she couldn’t even walk or use her hind legs. Tadita the pig was also named after a Native American name meaning “she who runs”. That pig was a paraplegic when she arrived. She slowly recovered until she would run with her other pig friends and she made a complete recovery.
I hope this helps you to understand the meaning behind our animal names, especially that of our dear Temple.

July 5, 2014:  Temple pictured here with Amelia waits for her new home.  But rest assured she is happy to be with friends and will wait as long as it takes to find the perfect and happy ending she deserves.

Temple came from a neglect situation with three other farm pigs up for adoption. Temple, Practical, Fifer and Fiddler are all like family and we would prefer that each of them leaves with at least one of their friends. If they all went to a good home together, that would be even better. When Temple came to Happy Trails she had to have surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. She also required ear tag removal. She is a very sweet pig and gets along well with the others.