Status: At Sanctuary
Year Born:
Breed: Mini
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black
Height: Mini
Adoption Fee:  $150
Sponsor Fee:  $50/month
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About Koa

July 23, 2017: Meet Koa. He likens his rescue to what it must be like for an actor to be discovered in NYC. He knew he would make it big! Now he auditions for the leading role in a new story. We caught up to Abraham behind the scenes…

How do you stay trim?
“I eat carrots and green leafys. But I always allow myself peppermints. Moderation is key.”

What would your best friend say about you?
“Who Abraham? Ha! He loves my sassy head shakes and can’t get enough of my kisses. He thinks I am the best!”

Where do you see yourself next?
“I just know I am going to land a role with a family who thinks I am the bomb diggity. I deserve it! Sorry for my arrogance but I have put in the work and suffered through the whole starving artist thing. It’s my time!”

Koa is a senior mini and just like Fabio, his popularity is timeless. He has now been gelded, is UTD on shots and has a clean bill of health.  If you would like to cast Koa in a leading role, please submit an application to his agent,

June 1, 2017: In the heart of Amish country there is a well known horse auction at the Sugarcreek Livestock Auction Barn. This is an auction typically held every Friday and every week dozens of horses are run through and meet a dreaded fate that ends with a long ride to Mexico where they will be slaughtered.
This auction is not a typical stop for us. As the auction was coming to a close and the last little pony was sent through, his life was not valued at more than a twenty dollar bill. The owner of the auction barn stood and asked if anyone wanted the pony and said if not he would “be on the truck.” Without a second thought, and since no one else spoke up, we raised our hands for a skinny, senior stud pony.