Sponsoring an Animal

We know that each of you shows compassion for all animals, however, you may have a special affection for a particular group of animals.  Or there may be one special Happy Trails Resident that captured your heart.  An animal sponsorship is a great way for you or a family member or friend to support that particular group or that one animal you’ve grown fond of.  There are several ways you can go about sponsoring an animal as detailed below and in our Animal Sponsorship flier.

Ready to Make the Commitment?

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What’s in it for Me?
As a monthly sponsor, you will receive an introductory packet including a color photo of your sponsored animal, its history, and a fact sheet about its care. You’llreceive updates on your animal’s health and adoption status, as well as on-going sanctuary activities. Several times through-out the year, you will be invited to attend sponsor days to meet and spend time with your sponsored animal in person!

Gift Sponsorships
Solving the “What Do We Get Them?” Dilemma!  Dare to be different!  Coming up with an appropriate gift for a special occasion can be a challenge!
Farm animal sponsorships can be a fun way of giving something very unique to that special or hard-to-buy-for person when birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, or other special occasions roll around.

Monthly Sponsorships
Monthly sponsors are extremely important because they help provide the food, shelter, veterinary care and any special needs of each of the rescued farm animals and horses. There are always new animals coming into the sanctuary, each with special needs of their own. Select the type of animal that you would like to help, and we’ll choose a special animal for you from that group who is in need of a monthly sponsor.  If you would like to direct your monies to an animal in particular, be sure to note his/her name!

Types of Animals to Sponsor
Draft Horse – $75

Horse or Mini – $50

Farm Pig – $40

Pot Belly Pig – $35

Sheep or Goat – $40

Goose, Duck or Turkey – $30

Hen or Rooster – $20

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc