Equine Spring Education Classes

Equine Health Classes – Thursday Nights
All Happy Trails horse-health classes will be held on Thursday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm.
Cost for each horse health class is $7 per person, or sign up for the entire Spring series of six classes for $36 and get one class free!
Pre-registration is recommended, however, tickets can be purchased at the door for $10.

Click on the Class Date to Register – Class Size is Limited
Classes will be held at Happy Trails new Education Center located at 5661 New Milford Rd, two doors North of Happy Trails Sanctuary.

**Ticket purchase is non-refundable/non-transferable.  Ticket price will be considered a donation if unable to attend.

GUEST SPEAKER & TOPIC    $7 per person or Six Class Series $36 REGISTER
Dr. Mike Geiger, DVM – Horizon Equine Clinic in Wayne County
Basic Horse Health and Care of the Senior Horse

April 23rd

Dr. Holly Troche, DVM
Parasites and Colic – Prevention, Signs and Treatment

May 7

Ed Cigany, Blacksmith – Hoof Injury Specialist
“No Hoof, No Horse” Intro to Hoof Health, Anatomy of the Hoof,
The Importance of Proper Hoof Care
May 21
Ed Cigany, Blacksmith – Hoof Injury Specialist
Advanced Hoof Health Pathology, Injuries, Founder/Laminitis

June 4
Dr. Averi Sauder, DVM – Buckeye Veterinary Service
Equine Dentistry – The Link Between Dentistry and Overall Horse Health

June 18

Dr. Sasha Hill – Cleveland Equine Clinic
Eye Health – Uveitis – Diagnosis and Treatment

July 2


Status: Ridable
Year Born: 2010
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Height: 15.0
Adoption Fee:  Inquire
Sponsor Fee: $50/month
Ready to Adopt?

About Dharma

Dharma is a super cute mare. She was rescued from a severe neglect situation along with Metta and Hercules. She is young and a blank slate ready to learn, please and be loved!

Dear Friends…

One of the types of abuse that Happy Trails addresses is cruelty in the food production industry. I personally have investigated countless cases of farm animal abuse, and I often closely follow the intensive work of my (our) friends at Mercy for Animals and applaud them for giving consumers the opportunity to become aware of the severe cruelty hidden in our meat production companies.

While hearing about these abuses is difficult, it does give all of us a very important opportunity to make more compassionate decisions as consumers.

Please take a moment and review the results of the latest investigation of our friends at Mercy for Animals. This is not an isolated incident. It happens daily in animal products plants all over the United States, and right here in Ohio.

The famous Edmunde Burke quote that comes to mind is, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

If we are made aware of these extreme acts of cruelty in the food production system, we also have the power to stop it and the ability to make choices to not support it as consumers.

Thank you for sharing this important update from Mercy for Animals.


Status: Adopted!
Year Born: 1998
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Height: 17.0
Adoption Fee: $350
Sponsor Fee: $50/month

About Jasmine

March 15, 2015:  Happy to report Jasmine is on her way to a new life.  She has been adopted!

January 11, 2015: This summer, Happy Trails assisted in the removal of 9 horses and 24 chickens from a hoarding case that also involved 30 dogs, a few cats and 80 parrots. The horses were starved and getting eaten up by flies, the chickens were locked in coops with the cats, the dogs were in small cages in the basement and the parrots were in a shed in cages that had not been cleaned in a long time. After months of fighting in court, these animals have finally been signed over and the horses and chickens are now available for adoption!

Jasmine is a favorite around the sanctuary! She was very thin and is still dealing with some cracks in her hooves, but is otherwise healthy. She has been gaining weight well, but still has a little ways to go. Jasmine is very sweet and quiet. She is calm, responsive and never “mareish”. She moves beautifully. She has not yet been evaluated under saddle. She needs a little more weight on first, but if she is anything like she is on the ground when she is under saddle, she will be a dream! She is very tall and has a solid build. She is not tattooed, so she was never raced. Jasmine is a great horse and will make someone a wonderful mount!

Human Society of the United States

Paul_Shapiro_Headshot_2010Paul Shapiro Vice President, Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States…

This organization has wonderful up-to-date information on the issues met while working to reduce the suffering of animals raised for meat, eggs, and milk.  Check out Mr. Shapiro’s latest correspondence from March 13th.



Status: Adopted!
Year Born: Unknown
Breed: Swedish Blue
Gender: Female
Color: Black and White
Adoption Fee: $15
Sponsor Fee: $30

About Norma

March 10, 2015:  Norma has a new home!  She was so loved that her adoptive family drove all the way from NY to grab her up and take her to her landing spot.  She is sure to enjoy the rest of her days and we wish them all the best!

January 11, 2015: Norma was the only duck rescued from the Portage hoarding case. She was rescued along with the 9 horses, 23 chickens, 30 dogs and 80 parrots. She was locked up with the chickens. She is an adorable little girl that is nervous of people. She was run over by a lawn mower and did not heal properly. She walks with a limp and holds her wing at a funny angle since it was broken and healed in the wrong position. She would love a quiet home with another small breed of duck to be her friend! Will you give this girl a special new home?

Something to Celebrate

Check out the recent blog post on Humane Nation reporting this recent victory.  That’s how the elephants see it.


Status: Adopted!
Year Born:  1994
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 14.1hh
Adoption Fee: $350
Sponsor Fee: $50/month

About Crecencia

crecencia1March 9, 2015:  Crecencia has found a loving home. All of us at Happy Trails cannot tell you how grateful we are to say this.  Ashley K worked tirelessly and would not give up to find a special place for Crecencia to call her own.  She is finally there and reports are she has never been happier.  Good luck Crecencia!

August 28, 2014: Crecencia is loving having a job! She has been being ridden by kids and is doing great with it! She would be perfect for a child in 4-H looking for a horse to show. She really is a sweet heart!

July 28, 2014: Crecencia has a foster home! She is loving her new place and is being ridden again! She really thrives with a job and people to love her. We can’t figure out why this amazing girl has not been adopted yet! Will you be Crecencia’s forever home?

November 15, 2013:  Crecencia is waiting on her forever home.  She is a sassy, wonderful mare ready to be someone’s equine companion.  If you are looking for a trail buddy or a fun show team mate, give us a call to visit her.  She may be the perfect match for you.

June 27, 2012:  Crecencia is a twenty-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She came to Happy Trails when she was removed from a severe neglect situation in Trumbull County in August, 2009. Crecencia was locked in a stall with no turnout or light of day.  Her poor condition showed through her long untended hooves and her ribs showing through. She has since been rehabilitated and has regained her weight.  Her feet have recovered fully.  Crecencia was evaluated by our trainer, Ken Aberegg, and is ridable although best suited for an intermediate rider. She is a pleasure to work with and still has a lot of energy for her age!

crecencia (1)  crecencia (2)



Aluminum Cans Raise $114 for the Rescued Animals!

Thank you to all of those who drop off aluminum cans for our recycling program! I am on truckload number 3 taking advantage of the halfway decent day. For those who didn’t know we accept donations of aluminum. You can drop off your bagged cans to the left of the gift shop at any time. We take them to B & B recycling and turn them into cash for the rescued animals. Please do not leave loose cans or open bags in our recycle cans. They must be bad in order for us to take them.

New Staff Opportunities at Happy Trails

logoAs Happy Trails continues to grow and expand, we have several staff positions available. If you know of someone who might be a good fit, please share.

    RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) – Full Time — We are seeking a RVT with extensive equine experience who is also able to work with all the farm animals dispensing medications, handling leg wraps and wound care, addressing lameness issues, organizing vet examines and transportation, and caring for the rescued animals. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working with a variety of veterinarians and a wide variety of injured, neglected or abused farm animals, and have excellent communication and leadership skills. Send your cover letter, resume and three professional references to No phone call inquiries please.
    Animal Care Giver - Part Time and Full Time — The Animal Care Giver staff positions available include a part time position as well as a full-time position. Animal Care Givers are responsible for providing grain, hay and water to all rescued animals and making sure their shelters and bedding are clean and dry. The ideal candidate will possess prior/extensive horse experience and understand that the care of all the rescued animals takes place outdoors on a daily basis. Happy Trails Animal Care Givers provide daily care to the animals whether there’s a wind chill of ten below or it’s 95 degrees and hot and humid – we’re very honest about this. Again, send your cover letter, resume and three professional references to No phone call inquiries please.

New Goat and Sheep Barn Dedication Ceremony

barn_dedicationIt’s been a hectic month, but we cannot let it fly by without sharing the photos of our recent building dedication. A plaque was hung on the new goat & sheep barn in remembrance and dedication in a recent ceremony attended by the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff. It has been a year since our tragic fire in which we lost four beloved animals. It was a sad day to remember but we are proud of the many accomplishments of the past year.

The Push is On!

Don’t forget your ACME receipts! Earn up to 5% of collect receipts for the animals at Happy Trails, simply by submitting your receipts to 5623 New Milford Rd, Ravenna, OH in time for the submission deadline of March , 2015.

2015 Night of Hope and Inspiration – VIP Tickets are Available!

night_of_hope_2015_buttonFor an additional $30 you will receive a private invitation to mingle with our guest speakers, Board of Directors and key staff.  The VIP reception will be from 4pm to 5pm.

What you have all been waiting for! Check out our amazing roster of guest speakers for our upcoming event!  They are sure to keep you entertained and inspired at the Night of Hope and Inspiration.

Event PageEvent FlierEvent TicketsSponsorship Letter/FormDonation Letter/Form

Join us for an inspiring evening.  If you missed it the first year, you will not want to make that same mistake!   Gear up for a wonderful evening with amazing guest speakers, fun games and prizes and mouth-watering creations by Todaro’s professional catering staff.  Visit our Event Page for details and please help spread the word with our Event Flier.  We want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to join us!  Read to purchase tickets?  Click here or on the icon at the top of our page.
There are expenses involved with any event and sponsorships help offset the costs while promoting a sponsor in a big way.  Interested in becoming a sponsor?  check out our Sponsorship Letter/Form.  Have items that will help make our raffle, mystery grab bags, wine pull or lottery forrest a success?  Donate now with this easy Donation Letter/Form.



Status: Adoptable – Indoor/Outdoor
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Pot Belly
Gender: Male
Color: Pink
Adoption Fee: Contact Cleveland APL
Cleveland APL 216-771-4616

About Valentine

February 23, 2015:  We found out that this little piggie found a wonderful sanctuary to reside for the rest of his days.  Good luck Val!

February 21, 2015:  Happy Trails is helping to spread the word for this little pig rescued on Valentine’s Day earlier this month by the Cleveland APL’s Humane Investigations Department.
It seemed only fitting to name this pig “Valentine.” He was outside in a blizzard and did not have adequate shelter, The owner agreed to surrender him to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, and now he is available to re-home. He appears to be between 60 to 80 pounds, and he is very sweet!

Anyone interested in him can contact 216-771-4616 and press 0 for the operator. The Cleveland Animal Protective League is located at 1729 Willey Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44113.

Successful Earning from AmazonSmiles!

From October to December, Happy Trails received a donation of $128 from your use of AmazonSmiles. Thank you!!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.

Can You Help?

We have a need for sponsorship of 12 ceramic heat emitter bulbs! During these arctic temps, we do our best to ensure the animals have enough heat to supplement their conditions. This can be quite an expense. Each commercial grade ceramic bulb costs $20. Please consider sponsoring the purchase of one or all of these bulbs to keep our rescued animals toasty!

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Staff Opportunities for RVT in Animal Care

    Happy Trails is accepting resumes for part-time animal care staff at approximately 20 to 25 hours per week. Our Animal Care Staff handles the rehabilitation and recovery of approximately 200 to 250 rescued farm animals at any given time, with care including providing grain, hay and proper nutrition, clean water, fresh bedding, turning out and bringing in horses, and attending to ill or injured animals by providing medication, wound care, and addressing lameness issues as directed by our field service veterinarians.
    The rescued farm animals live outdoors in barns and shelters, so our work is all outside 24/7. Ideal candidates understand that we work outside in all conditions, from the heat of summer to the cold of winter, providing the very best care we possibly can to abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals. In the Spring ground conditions can be muddy, and in the winter ground conditions can be icy.
    The ideal candidate will possess an RVT certification with prior experience handling and working around horses, and experience working around other farm animals is a plus. Candidates must be physically fit and able to work outdoors and lift bales of hay, straw and 50 lb. bags of grain.
    All staff must understand and respect the mission of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary (see mission statement below). Animal Care Givers must be reliable, pay attention to detail, have excellent communication skills, be able to think quickly when handing the animals, keep safety as a top priority, be able to follow directions safely and accurately, be able to work as a team, have the ability to use commons sense, and want to work toward a full-time position within the organization.
    Care shifts include weekdays and weekends, with morning shifts from 7am to 12:00 noon, and evening shifts from 6pm to 9pm. The ability to work both shifts in the same day is often helpful.
    Send cover letter, resume and three professional references to  Resumes received via other avenues will not be acknowledged.
    Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and provides an adoption program for abused, abandoned, and neglected farm animals such as horses, ponies, pot belly pigs, farm pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, goats, and cattle. Happy Trails serves the entire state of Ohio and any other state requesting our help, and works in cooperation with county humane societies, animal protective leagues, and local and state law enforcement officers. Animals in our program must have been removed from a situation of abuse, neglect or abandonment by law officials, and cruelty charges must be filed against the person(s) responsible for the crime.

An Iconic Resident of Happy Trails Passes

zingerWe say goodbye to Zinger, one of the iconic pot belly pigs st Happy Trails. Old and arthritic it was time to let him go. We will miss you, Zinger.  Stay tuned for a worthy tribute in our upcoming newsletter.  For now we grieve the loss and celebrate his new peace.

Crecencia is Still Looking for a Home!

Our horse of the week is Crecencia! Crecencia has been featured a few times before, but unfortunately has not yet had any luck. She is a 21 year old 14.3 hand Quarter Horse who is trained and healthy. She will take an intermediate to experienced rider as she can be a little hot, but she loves working and gets better the more that is done with her. She also loves kids!
Some of the animals at the sanctuary do not have much luck, and Crecencia is one of them. In 2009 she was rescued from a neglect situation and has been looking for a home ever since, but has been bounced around too much. She was adopted and returned once and has been to a couple different foster homes. You will not find a more loyal and loving companion than Crecencia. She tends to get overlooked at the sanctuary as she does not do well in this environment. There is a lot going on at Happy Trails with people and horses coming and going. She gets attached very easily and it breaks her heart every time one of her friends leaves. Because of this, she is grumpy here and many people do not look past that at the amazing horse that she really is. She would absolutely thrive in a home with a horse and a human friend to love and ideally give her a job to do. She is an entirely different horse under the surface of her discontent. She just needs someone to help bring it out of her.
Can you find it in your heart to give this great girl a chance? She is so deserving of a loving home and she will be appreciative to her new home for the rest of her days.
Crecencia’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in her, give us a call at 330-296-5914 or send a message to

Taz and Clarabelle Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of this holiday, I would like to share with you my favorite love story from the Sanctuary-
Taz is a little rooster that was removed from a neglect case a couple years ago and Clarabelle is a hen that was removed from a cruelty case last year. They lived in separate barns. Every morning Taz would leave his barn and go to Clarabelle’s yard to pick her up and they wold spend the day together in the horse barn eating any dropped grain from the horses. They would then return to their separate barns each night. One day, they finally decided to move in together and slept in the horse barn, though on opposite ends of the hay loft. Each day they got closer until they were sleeping next to each other. Every night you can find them cuddled up in the hay loft.
Taz takes wonderful care of his lady, making sure to tell her whenever he finds something yummy and lets her eat it first. He has been seen bringing her food and even once handing it to her from his beak to hers. They are such a wonderful couple! These two must now be adopted together as they are so bonded. They are adorable and it has been a pleasure to see them “dating” and finally moving in together. Here’s hoping that all of you have as good of a Valentine’s Day as Taz and Clarabelle!

Asdrubal is Looking for a Home!

Today’s featured animal is Asdrubal. Asdrubal was removed from a cock fighting ring in 2013. He is one of our more feisty roosters, but he still deserves a home! He even knows how to put himself in timeout when he is being fed or getting his shelter cleaned. He will jump up onto his perch so he is not tempted to be mean. Will you give this special guy a home?

Asdrubal’s adoption fee is $10. If you are interested in him, please give us a call or send an email to

Great Conjunction Expo and Psychic Fair

Looking for something interesting to do this Valentine’s weekend? Come visit us at the Psychic Fair this weekend. Tickets are only $5 at the door and a representative from Happy Trails will be there both days. See you there!

Mercy For Animals Does a Great Job Keeping Us Informed. . .

mercy for animalsHot off the presses a new Mercy For Animals The Voice E-Newsletter-February 7th is available.  Check it out!

Night of Hope Speakers Announced

Guest Speakers for the Night of Hope and Inspiration have just been announced. We promise this event will inspire you beyond your expectations! Check out the roster and don’t forget to reserve your seats now for this amazing event, before its sold out!

Animal Sponsorship Program

Make a difference in the life of a rescued farm animal!

Has a special someone at Happy Trails captured your heart? Can’t adopt, but still want to do something meaningful to show your support?

Become an Animal Sponsor Today!

 Animal Sponsors play a critical role at Happy Trails. Many of the animals have special needs that require extensive care and rehabilitation. The Sponsorship Program allows supporters to contribute to the cost of food, shelter, and veterinary care for farm animals and horses rescued from situations of abuse, neglect, and abandonment on a one-time or ongoing monthly basis. These contributions directly support our mission, and we could not continue this vital work without you!

Sponsors receive a welcome packet with a color portrait of their sponsored animal, information about the animal’s rescue and personality, and a fact sheet about the animal’s care. Happy Trails also offers many opportunities throughout the year for Sponsors to meet their special animals in person!

Sponsorship fees vary, based on the type of animal:hen

Hen or Rooster – $20
Goose, Duck, or Turkey – $30
Pot Belly Pig – $35
Farm Pig – $40
Sheep or Goat – $40
Horse or Mini – $50
Draft Horse – $75
Sanctuary Sponsorship – $300


Animal Sponsorship FAQs

How long is the sponsorship commitment?
This is really up to you. Sponsorships can be one-time payments to support an animal’s care for one month, or ongoing monthly payments. You can also choose to purchase a gift sponsorship for the holidays, or to commemorate a loved one’s birthday, wedding, or other special event!

Can I choose the animal?
Absolutely! Any animal available for adoption is also available for sponsorship. Our permanent residents need Sponsors, too! If you don’t have a preference for a specific animal, don’t worry. We can choose one for you!

What’s the difference between one-time and ongoing sponsorships?

One-time and ongoing Sponsors will receive the same welcome packet. In addition:

One-time Sponsors will have opportunities to meet their special animals on designated Sponsor Days held throughout the year!

Ongoing Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos of their animals. They also have the opportunity to schedule a private sanctuary tour to meet their sponsored animals in person, with up to four guests. That’s a savings of up to $100!

What happens when the animal is adopted?
You can choose to cancel your ongoing sponsorship, or simply transfer it to another animal in need.

How do I make the payments?
Payments can be made online with a Visa or MasterCard. For your convenience, there is an option to set up recurring payments so your card is automatically charged every month. You can also choose to download our sponsorship form and mail it in with a check.

Have more questions? Contact our Animal Sponsorship Coordinator, Holly Butterfield, at

Stop the “Sportsmen’s Act”

hsuslogoThe dreaded so-called “Sportsmen’s Act” is back.  Read about it and what you can do to help.

We Love to Share…

superhero“For…all of you…who may remember Super Hero,
I adopted Super about a year ago. He had an eyelid (right/lower) which did not work properly, evidence of abuse many years old.
The weekend before Christmas the small star shaped lesion on his left cornea (in-line with the healed injuries to his upper and lower eyelid) suddenly began to collapse, looking like a hole developing into the eye.
Dr. Keckler from Buckeye Veterinary saw him Monday, we took him to OSU Tuesday morning, his eye was operated on around noon. A patch was placed to repair the cornea and the surgeon also tightened his lower lid to create a better functioning margin.
My husband and I visited him on Christmas day and brought him back home…the Monday after Christmas.
He is recovering well.
The staff at OSU loved him.
So do we.

Thank you for your part in bringing this horse into my life.
Virginia D”

We love our adoption families!

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here…

IMG_1330bSpread your love a little further this year. Give a gift sponsorship to your Valentine and support animal rescue at the same time. For the price of donation, your loved one will not only receive a picture of their sponsored animal, they will receive an invite to our next sponsor day! Check out the details…

Valentine’s Day Not for You?

hatrick-hopePut real meaning to what some may call a Hallmark holiday. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with a gift sponsorship of your Valentine’s favorite farm animal. 100% of Sponsorship monies go toward the care and rehabilitation of the farm animals at Happy Trails. Get yours today!

Let’s Fins Petunia and Pandy a Home!

Our featured animals this week are Petunia (pink) and Pandy (black)! These girls came in from Medina County from a rescue organization that was not legitimate, and was shutting down. They had very overgrown hooves and were very overweight when they came in.

These girls have settled in to life at Happy Trails but are still looking for their forever home. They can be a little shy, Petunia especially, and will need a patient adoptive family for them to come around.

Petunia and Pandy’s adoption fee is $100 together. If you are interested in them, give us a call or send a message to

Weather Got You Wanting to Snuggle?

image1Help it happen by gifting an animal sponsorship to your favorite Valentine today.  For the price of donation, your loved one will not only receive a picture of their sponsored animal, they will receive an invite to our next sponsor day! Check out the details….

Charlie is Keeping Warm in His Adoptive Home…

His mom sent a picture of how Charlie and his girls warm up in this weather- warm oatmeal with oregano, crushed red pepper, grapes and blueberries. We just love to see our adopted animals getting the love they deserve.



Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Cock Fighter
Gender: Male
Color: White with spots
Adoption Fee: $10
Sponsor Fee: $20/month

About Sandy

February 2, 2015: Good News! Sandy the rooster got a new home! Sandy is an ex cock fight rooster and he now he gets to spend the rest of his days being spoiled. Here he is with Leland, his new buddy, and his four gorgeous hens. We wish Sandy and his new family all the best!

Sandy is the sweetest rooster on the sanctuary! Despite the troubled past and bad reputation of cock fighters, Sandy shows everyone just how sweet a rooster can be! He joins us on visits to nursing homes and other events and is the star of tours of the sanctuary.

Sandy Found a Home!

Sandy is an ex cock fight rooster and he now he gets to spend the rest of his days being spoiled. Here he is with Leland, his new buddy, and his four gorgeous hens. We wish Sandy and his new family all the best!

Mystery Grab Bags – Time to Re-Gift!

falcon-toyHere is your opportunity to re-gift your recent holiday presents or do some early Spring cleaning! The mystery grab bags gives guests surprise presents in their gift bags, so donated items for this part of the fundraiser leaves it open to your imagination! Fun or interesting items might include home decorations, jewelry, books, games, gift cards, or any items that might be silly, cute or functional. Almost anything goes!  Looks like Falcon is willing to help!
If you would like to help in this way, drop off your items or send smaller items to:
Happy Trails at 5623 New Milford Rd, Ravenna, OH  44266
Have questions or need help getting your donated items to our facility?  Call us at 330-296-5914.

Ready for your tickets?  Click to Register!

February is here!

Screenshot_3Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Spread some love and honor your valentine with a gift sponsorship. For the price of donation, your loved one will not only receive a picture of their sponsored animal, they will receive an invite to our next sponsor day! Check out the details….


Status: Adoptable
Year Born: Spring 2014
Breed: White Leghorn/Rhode Island Red
Gender: Female
Color: White/brown
Adoption Fee: $5 each
Sponsor Fee: $20
Ready to Adopt?

About These Hens

January, 25 2015: There are about 20 hens from the Portage cruelty rescue- Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn and a few mixed breed- including a very fluffy white hen and a few beautiful brown laced hens. The Rhode Island red and white leghorns are less than a year old. We are unsure of the ages of the rest. Do you have room in your coop and your heart for a few more?

New Items on Our Wishlist

Check out our wish list at We are in need of some heated buckets and waterers for the sanctuary. With these below freezing temps, these items will help to keep the animals with fresh water all day long!
Don’t forget to sign up for AmazonSmiles so 5% of all purchases is donated to Happy Trails.

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words…

turclock henHappy Trails recently received this update from Tiffany E…  “I wanted to share this photo with you. This is Aster. On November 1st we adopted her, along with another Leghorn (that we named Avens), that were part of the Turlock, CA hen rescue. We love them so much and couldn’t be happier that they are part of our lives. This photo ironically shows Aster standing on the DVD documentary of their rescue.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt these precious girls!” And thank you Tiffany, for sharing this awesome update with us! This picture is definitely worth 1,000 words.

HSUS Ohio Update – January 2015


Legislative Update

  • B. 177 Pet Protection Orders (includes pets in restraining orders in cases of domestic violence) was signed into law before the end of the last session in 2014.
  • The 131st General Assembly began on January 5, 2015 with the swearing in of the legislators.
  • Ohio has a two-year legislative session cycle, 2015-2016. Ohio Senate page; Ohio House page
  • Goddard’s Law (formerly HB 274) is already gaining momentum and is expected to be re-introduced early in this new session

Getting to Know Your Legislator  Get to know your state legislators to build relationships with them. By introducing yourself as a constituent early in the new session, it will be easier to contact them down the road when you are asking for their support on an animal protection bill. You can call or email their office to make a brief and polite introduction. Make sure to let them know that you live in their district. Look up your state legislators HERE.

Live Tiger Mascot – Massillon Action Alert  Each year, the Massillon Washington High School leases a live tiger usually from Stump Hill Farm to serve as their high school football team mascot. The cub is named “Obie” each year in the tradition of the team and is kept in a 2-stall garage near the stadium. After each season, the tiger is returned to Stump Hill Farm. According to a USDA inspection report, in early December the school’s most recent “Obie” (a tiger named Lilly) suffered a gash on her left front leg, requiring stitches, and the loss of a digit on her paw, which could result in chronic pain and other health issues. During the inspection, Stump Hill Farm initially denied that Obie was even on the premises, resulting in a serious citation for interfering with federal officials. Read more about the incident HERE.

Help all future Obies – Reach out to the Massillon Tigers Booster Club and it’s club President Bill Brown and politely urge them to permanently replace the live tiger cub mascot with kinder options. And if you live or have friends or family that live within the Massillon school district, your voice is needed more than ever. (Massillon, Ohio is about 50 miles south of Cleveland.)

Justice for Starved Dogs  Thanks to the Medina County SPCA and Holland & Muirden Attorneys At Law for successfully prosecuting a couple who were each found guilty of companion animal cruelty for starving their two dogs. The defendants will spend a brief time in jail. And although the judge in this case took animal abuse seriously and sent a strong message, it is not always the case. This is an example of why a stronger law is needed to give prosecutor’s discretion to pursue felony penalties for first-time egregious acts of animal cruelty such as the previously introduced bill known as “Goddard’s Law,” read more HERE.

SAVE THE DATE  Ohio’s Humane Lobby Day will be held on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 in Columbus. This is an annual event sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States to bring like-minded advocates together to support much needed animal protection bills. Look for registration to open soon!

Summit County Case Closes with a Guilty Plea…

Update:  This case has been closed! The defendant pled guilty to one count of animal cruelty. Terms are as follows:  He is not permitted to possess animals of any kind for 5 years and is subject to random inspections to ensure compliance.  He must pay a $100 fine and court costs.  He faces 90 days in jail and the reinstatement of the remaining $400 in fines if he fails to comply with the terms of probation.  While this is good news, Happy Trails is once again left to cover the cost of rehabilitation for these horses.  Your support ensures these three horses will recover and find a forever home.  Read the original story here…

Norma Needs a Home!

Also from the Portage cruelty case is Norma! Norma was the only duck that was removed with this large group of animals. She was locked up with the chickens. She is an adorable little girl that is nervous of people. She was run over by a lawn mower and did not heal properly. She walks with a limp and holds her wing at a funny angle since it was broken and healed in the wrong position. She would love a quiet home with another small breed of duck to be her friend! Will you give this girl a special new home?

Norma’s adoption fee is $15. If you are interested, give us a call or send a message to


Help Us Place Our Friends

This group is the remaining from the Portage County case that recently closed. We have three roosters- a white leghorn, a Rhode Island Red, and a red rooster with white tail feathers. There are also about 20 hens- Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn and a few mixed breed- including a very fluffy white hen and a few beautiful brown laced hens. The Rhode Island red and white leghorns are less than a year old. We are unsure of the ages of the rest. Do you have room in your coop and your heart for a few more?

The roosters adoption fee is $10 each and the hens are $5 each. If you are interested, please give us a call or send a message to


Status: Adopted!
Age: 1 yr
Breed: Pot Belly
Gender: Male (neutered)
Color: black
Adoption Fee: $50
Sponsor Fee: $35

About Kokomo

January 19, 2015: Kokomo was adopted along with her best friend Jackie O to a home in New York! They made the 8 hour journey very well! Kokomo has journeyed though 4 states, and has finally found a home! They have a new friend named Tommy and they are all getting along very well! Their adoptive dad is very excited to bring them into his family. We wish them all the best of luck!
All the way from Indiana, let’s welcome….  Kokomo was a house pig, however, when he got ‘too big’ at 90 pounds, he was dumped outside. He had a very small fenced-in area with just a tarp for shelter. When the polar vortex hit in January, Kokomo was surrounded by snow sleeping on the cold ground, in the dark, alone. Pals for Paws in Kokomo, Indiana, stepped in to rescue him.   At only 10 months old, this little guy found himself without an owner but safe in the hands of Pals for Paws.  They cared for him and neutered him but after a few months and without any luck finding him a home, they called to Happy Trails for our assistance.  Kokomo is very friendly and social.  He loves attention belly rubs!

Kokomo and Jackie Found a Home!

Last week, they made the journey to New York, a 16 hour round trip, to their new home! Their adoptive dad was very excited for them and his pig was happy to have new friends! Kokomo and Jackie settled right in and are doing well. It is always heart warming to see an animal get adopted to a forever home by loving people. Good luck Kokomo and Jackie!

Jackie O

Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Pot Belly
Gender: Female
Color: black
Adoption Fee: $50
Sponsor Fee: $35

About Jackie O

January 19, 2015: Jackie was adopted along with her best friend Kokomo to a home in New York! They made the 8 hour journey very well! They have a new friend named Tommy and they are all getting along very well! Their adoptive dad is very excited to bring them into his family. We wish them all the best of luck!
Jackie is a very sweet pot belly pig that came to us from a hoarding case. She was removed along with two horses, Graciano and Maka, as well as an abundance of dogs. She was living in a small dog cage that she could not even turn around in. She was overweight due to being fed dog food. Jackie had to endure the constant barking of dogs day and night until she was finally removed from her terrible situation. It took her a little while to be trusting of people again. She came in very nervous and not wanting to let anyone touch her. After settling in, she was added to Piggerton to live with our senior pot bellies along with Kokomo, our boy from Indiana. Jackie O and Kokomo became great friends and Jackie is now extremely social with people. She is always coming up to say hi to any visitors! She would make an excellent companion!



Status: Adoptable
Year Born: 2011
Breed: Potbelly
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Adoption Fee: Contact the Humane Society of Seneca County
Sponsor Fee: Contact the Humane Society of Seneca County
Ready to Adopt?

About Hammer

January 19, 2015: From the Humane Society of Seneca County- “On December 9, 2014 we had a three year old intact boar surrendered to the shelter.  He was surrendered because he was purchased to be a breeding boar for the former owner’s sow, but he failed to do his job. Hammer, as he is called, then proceeded to continuously escape from his chicken wire enclosure and wander the countryside, leading to tickets for his former owner.  Hammer is a good pig, but since at the shelter, he is spending most of his time in an isolated dog kennel.  Thus he has started exhibiting bad behavior, such as charging our staff members and biting legs.  Unfortunately in our area, there is no market for pot bellied pigs (earlier this year we had three pigs who took months and months to place).  This noted lack of interest in our area, as well as his negative behaviors, is putting him at a very high risk of euthanasia. It is not that we want to, but we are just not equipped to handle a boar who is showing aggressive tendencies.”

Hammer will be neutered and will be ready to go to his new home! Please contact the Humane Society of Seneca County at 419-447-5704 or visit their website at


Introducing Juno

Juno, rescued from Portage County, was thin when she was rescued, but is otherwise healthy and sound. She is trained but still needs evaluated under saddle. She is doing very well with her weight gain! She is a 17-year-old Quarter horse mare.  Very easy to work around and will make a great friend!

Juno’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in her, give us a call or send a message to

Meet Pandora

Pandora is a cute 10-year-old solid bay mare.  Upon first arriving at Happy Trails she was pretty thin but luckily has  no other health issues. This little gal is reportedly trained but has yet to be evaluated under saddle. Quiet and sweet and full of potential she may just be the horse for you!

Pandora’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in her, give us a call or send a message to

A Special Horse Available

Ranger is quite the handsome boy! He was a little thin when he arrived, but he has no other health issues. He has not been evaluated under saddle, but he is trained. We believe he would make a great show horse! Ranger is solidly built and quiet. He is a 25 year old Quarter horse.

Ranger’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in him, give us a call or send a message to

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